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Welcome to godsavinggrace.com this Christian faith base website. This site is an ecumenical and welcomes visitors of all faiths. The main goal of this site is to spread the word of the gospel of Jesus Christ as our savior. We will do this by spiritual articles, videos, testimonies of the miracles God has performed in our lives. You are welcome to post your inspirational testimonies on this site post. I will start with my testimony in which I call “Miracle in 96″  My name is Kofi Baruti, this is about a near death experience that happens to me on the February 1996 called Miracle in 96. Before I get into what happen in 96, I need to give you a little background about myself. I was teaching in Atlanta Public Schools several months before this accident and decided to resign my teaching position due to personal stress.

I started out working a lot of temporary jobs with temp. Agencies just to put food on the table. I finally stumbled onto a temp. to permanent position with Georgia Pacific. The position I took was a dock loader. My job consisted of loading big frame doors onto pallets with a forklift and loading these pallets of doors onto a truck for shipping. The main reason I took this position was because I could work a lot of hours and if I did well they would give a permanent position at Georgia Pacific. After 90 days in this permanent position, I could transfer to an office position at the downtown location. The hours I worked on this job was from 4pm to until we were finish loading all the items that had to be shipped the next day

On the first Monday of February 1996, I was in involved in an industrial accident. Actually, I don’t remember anything about that night except coming to work that day. I can only speculate what might have happened that night. Most likely I was finishing a load of doors that I had placed on the loading truck. I then parked my forklift at the top of the loading bay which was on an incline. As I went to close the curtain to cover my loaded doors the brakes on the forklift snapped and the forklift rolled down and crushed me against the truck. This accident must have happened around 11:30pm because that was our lunch break. We usually ate at a particular area in the plant and when I didn’t show up my co-workers went looking for me. When they found me I was pinned between the forklift and the truck unconscious. They proceeded to back the forklift off of me and I fell face down on the loading bay floor. They turn me over to see if I was breathing and that is when I started hemorrhaging with blood flowing out of my mouth and nose. I laid there bleeding out while they called 911 for help.

The ambulance took me to the nearest trauma center which was Gwinnett Medical Center. There the doctors examined me and found I that I only had four pints of blood in my body (the human body requires 8 pints of blood). My ribs were severely crush so bad that some of the broken bones pierced the left side of my lung. So I had a lacerated left lung. My spleen was ruptured so they had to remove it while they did a blood transfusion. Obviously, I had problems breathing so they tried to place a trachea or perform a tracheotomy, but I went into cardiac arrest and lost oxygen to my brain. At this point, the doctors were frustrated and left me for dead.

This looked very bleak for me and this is what I believed happen. Imagine heaven and God are answering prayer requests all over the world. My family, as well as my ex-wife, were praying for my recovery. One of the angels came to God saving Lord Prayer request number 1, 200, 016. God said who is this? This a prayer request for Kofi Baruti from his wife and family Lord. The doctors are ready to leave Kofi for dead and the family wants you to send your angels and spare his life. The Lord said, “There must be a mistake because he’s not ready to meet me for some time”. Besides, there is something I need him to do before he is ready to come to me. Send the angels to heal this man restore his breathing and heal his lacerated lung. And that ladies and gentlemen is my “Miracle in 96”. In addition to the spiritual articles already posted at godsavinggrace.com, there will be a weekly spiritual article posted. Your comments are always welcome on posted articles!!! I have submitted a gospel video that is my way of expressing to God the miracle he performed in my life. Enjoy the video and as  Always Remember to Keep the Faith, and “God Loves You and So Do I”


  1. Cathy Bond


    Thank you for sharing your testimony. It is another reason why I am amazed at how God heals, delivers and restores us, and I praise God with you for your miraculous healing.
    The song “Dear God” is befitting and reminds me to be thankful throughout the testing seasons in my life.
    God bless,

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